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Standart Din Bu-1 Prof. Dr. Ilhan Arsel's Foreword

Many years ago one day, while working in my room in the Faculty, in a moment I wouldn't really want, the phone ranged. As I was in the process of shaping the Foreword and Preface sections of the book I was preparing, "Those Responsible for the Degeneracy in our Society: Clerics", because I feared that my mind could mess up and loose my mind state, I didn't want to answer the phone. From the source that was in front of me, I continued to pass on these words from Ataturk into the text:

"If you want to understand something from me about them (cleric outfitted, false religion scholars) is that I say, I am personally their enemy. Their one step in their personal way, isn't only against my own faith, not only my purpose, that step is a poisoned dagger… into my nation's heart. What me and my friends that share the same belief as I have would do is that to really SLAP that person who takes that step. I will tell you a word about this too: think for a second that there are no laws against these acts, and that there is left no constitutional council to supply these laws, if everyone against these wrong doings hold back and I was left alone, I WOULD STILL SLAP HIM."

When the telephone ranged again after a minute or two break, and in a cool manner I said: "I am listening". A voice gentle and low introduced himself from the other side: He said his name was Turan Dursun, he said he was working in TRT (Turkish national broadcasting agency), that he had read my publishings and my books, and that he wished to make an interview me, and to ask if I could take some time to meet him in a suitable time.

At those dates, as if I had a feeling that the Sheri'a depreviaty was going to become as big as it is today, I would get too much support from my modern thinking readers, as I would get pointless letters from obscurantists and many swearing telephone calls about my columns on the subject of secularism, Ataturk's way and Sheri'a that were commonly published in, apart from my other books, in the newspapers and especially at Democracy (a Turkish newspaper). In fact, some of these would come to my room without a word, and they would swagger that my publishings were exaggerated; I would show them by showing them the sources of Sheri'a, and slapping their faces with how ignorant they were, and they would shut up.

But this time I had a civilized voice in front of me that I wasn't very accustomed with, like it was afraid that it was busying me and thought it was disturbing me, was calling me. Probably my sixth sense took over, and we made up our minds on a date.

After I hanged up the phone I crossed up these sentences into the "Preface" section of my book: "The west owes it's development, improvement and civilization to stop the false governing of the religious class and fallacies, to push them out of the worldy-business, by destroying its privileges and concerns. Between the world's most developed countries, social, technical and economic improvements, has come to this result, with many other reasons, but with most of them by eliminating the clerics getting fed and support of the nation. The "real" intellectuals have taken part while getting this result. To do the opposite of everything is our custom, so even in this enlightenment age, we still discourage Secularism and Democratic constitutions; things Ataturk saved us from (like a miracle), what the other countries consider as bad actions, we do whatever we can do to counteract them. We even create a class, that even not accepted by the Sheri'a, the class of clerics, and we give unexpected privileges to this class, and place them everywhere in Government sector. Throughout all the past centuries, we forget all the disasters caused by the clerics hands in the daily life, and we again let them onto the society."

As I was writing these sentences, I thought of the person's intentions that called me before. But I dropped to pen to my class as I'd heard the ring.

He came to my office at the time we decided. I relaxed a bit when I found a person with honesty and hospitality across his face. As he started talking, my ideal literaly appeared in front of me, the ideal I have always created in my head through countless years of my research and studies.

I must point out that, while I was gathering my mindset, I was always fascinated by how the west was successful in saving themselves from the 1500 years of dark ages by not letting the clerics have a hold of daily-business. On my road to enlightenment, how fascinated I was because of this, I was also very depressed when I thought about the Sheri'a world that I was a member of never had such things. Aside from the wise and the thinkers, but about the religious man, I couldn't stop thinking to myself: "Why don't we have an Abelard, why not a Nicholas, why like a Amaud De Brescia, or many like these, have never came to being in us?".

That Marcion, even in the first century of Christianity could strike at the clergyman by saying: "This world, which is full of evil, too far apart from perfect, has described the God as selfish, hostile, and that it governs the future of human destiny. It is certain that the belief in God must coincide with the way of the mind and be a subject of LOVE and so thus to make it a source for the human relationships."

That Abelard could give lecture on humanism to the clerics by saying: "Finding truth can only be accomplished by the way of MIND, not by the religious books; religious ideas must be based on mind. Only this can save the rulings in the religious books that oppose the mind and conscience. A "Fearful and Selfish" God must be replaced with a GOOD god to accomplish the love and brotherhood between all mankind."

That Nicholas, even he had the Cardinal rank, could shake the authority of clerics by saying: "It's a mistake to accept the religious books known as holy as source of truth".

That Amaud De Brescia, with him being a clergyman, has declared war on the authority and governance of the cleric class in the 12th century, has shone light on the lies and mischiefs of the clergy and because of this idealistic act, by Pope first, gathered the hostility of all the other clergy and sentenced to death in the year of 1155, was asked during the sentencing: "If you want to avoid death, change your idea, take back what you said", but had insisted that a man who is honored in his thoughts, even in the face of death, would never cease to say the truth, and said that he is ready to face the death for what he believes is the truth. This example he left to the humanity was an ideal for the generations that followed, those who have opposed the exploitation and frauds of the clergyman, followed him and those who were like him. That's why to all those who are cultured enough has this formula of Voltaire implanted somewhere in their brains since the 18th century: "That place where the MIND is free and has governance, that is not the place for the clergyman".

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